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How We're Harmed by Our Dissatisfaction with Ourselves


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来源 | Zen Habits
翻译 | Sibyl
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Over the last five years or so, as I've worked with thousands of people on changing their habits, I've come to a realization: dissatisfaction with ourselves is a pretty universal phenomenon.


We are unhappy with who we are, sometimes in small ways but often in very fundamental ways.


We doubt ourselves, feel inadequate, dislike our looks, criticize our failing harshly, feel uncertain about whether we're worthy of praise or love.


The result is anxiety, procrastination, fear, and the inability to change our habits


I've seen so many people who are unable to stick to an exercise program or healthy diet changes because they don't believe in themselves. At the heart of their failure to make positive changes is a deep feeling of unworthiness and inadequacy.


Every time we fail, we are harsh with ourselves, and we see it as just more evidence that we suck. Every time things are less-than-ideal, we blame ourselves (or, if we don't want to be blamed, we blame other people).


What if, instead of beating ourselves up (or blaming others), we just accepted what happened and then took appropriate action? What if we took this as an opportunity to see our humanness, to love ourselves, to see ourselves as innately good?


This dissatisfaction with ourselves doesn't just hurt our health habits... It hurts our productivity and ability to focus on meaningful work.

对自己不满不仅仅是有损我们健康的习惯…… 更会损害到我们的工作效率和专注于有益工作的能力。

We doubt whether we're up to facing this task filled with discomfort and uncertainty, so we look for relief from all of it instead of just trusting that we're up to the task. We procrastinate, seek distraction, try to run from the uncertainty.


Our relationships are also harmed by this dissatisfaction with ourselves — when we don't believe in ourselves, we are insecure in our relationships. That can result in jealousy, anger, fear of losing someone, and treating the other person with distrust.

对自己不满也伤害我们的人际关系 —— 当我们不相信自己时,我们在一段关系中会缺乏安全感。这样会导致人产生嫉妒、愤怒、害怕失去某人的情感,并无法信任他人。

That's not a good recipe for a good relationship, and if the relationship becomes shaky, we often either blame the other person or see it as more evidence that we suck.


Our happiness is marred by this dissatisfaction with ourselves — if we don't like ourselves, don't trust ourselves, don't see ourselves as worthy of love... then how can we truly be happy in each moment? Underlying each moment is a dissatisfaction, a lack of contentedness, a wish that things would be different.

对自己的不满会破坏我们的幸福 —— 如果我们不喜欢自己、不信任自己、认为自己不值得被爱…… 那么我们如何能够在每一时刻感到真正快乐呢?每一时刻都不满意、不知足、奢望着事情会有所不同。

These are just a handful of ways that dissatisfaction with ourselves is harming us. This problem actually affects every area of our lives, from jobs to finances to parenting and more.


The Way Out: Loving Ourselves


Instead of harming ourselves with this self-doubt, this constant feeling of inadequacy... What if we loved ourselves instead?

与其用自我怀疑、经常性的不充实感来伤害自己…… 倒不如我们学着去爱我们自己怎么样?

What if we trusted ourselves, believed in our basic worthiness, believed that we would be OK even if things didn't work out as planned, believed that we are loving, kind, and innately good human beings?


That would change everything: we'd be more trusting in relationships, we'd procrastinate less because we knew we could handle uncertainty and discomfort, we'd become healthier because we would see healthy food and exercise as just two more ways to love ourselves.


We'd seek ways to love others, to serve the world with meaningful work, to enjoy the basic goodness of every moment. We'd be happier, and in the times when we're not happy, we'd still be able to find contentment in the middle of difficulty.


Of course, that's much easier said than done. We have so many years of experience in disliking ourselves, in being harsh with ourselves, that loving ourselves can seem impossible. It's not. You can do this.


It starts with the simple intention to love yourself, to see yourself as adequate and worthy of love, to wish for your own happiness and the relief from pain and stress.


Once you have this intention, you can practice a daily session of wishing for your own happiness, wishing for an end to your pain. A daily session of gratitude for the good things about yourself.


You can start to see the basic goodness in everything you do, even if it's less than perfect (as all humans are).


You can see the good hearted nature in every on_e of your actions, even the on_es that are harmful. You can start to see the good-hearted nature in what everyone else does as well.


This is the practice, and it takes lots of practice. But loving yourself might just be the most important project you've ever undertaken, because it will change your world.


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